What is The Yard Podcast?

The Yard is a weekly show created by famous live-streamer Ludwig Ahgren and includes his three best friends/roommates: Nick, Slime, and Aiden.


Project Type: Product Research & Site redesign

Timeline: 5-week Design Sprint

Role: UX Designer (Research, Content Design, Content Writing), Usability Testing

Tools Used: Figma, Photoshop, Whimsical


Background: The fine people at The Yard wanted to create a new shopping experience for customers and needed some research and validation to ensure that their site and products were accessible and satisfied customer needs.

Project Goals: The main goal for this project was to increase customer retention, design a site that provided a more immersive experience for podcast-listeners, and to research the target demographics.


Research ✏️

Market Analysis:

It was important to look at the current landscape of the competition in the streamer-podcaster market.

We separated our analysis between large, nationally-known comedy podcasts and ones specifically hosted by fellow streamers.

We wanted to gauge our competitors approach to business models, target audiences, notable quotes on their sites, pricing, UX writing, and storytelling.

Most of the messaging between brands pertained to referential humor and community engagement.